Juletag and How to Color a Fox

Big juletag

Yesterday I posted a set of Juletags using most of the characters available in the winter release. Today I will focus on just one mischievous little girl! I wanted to show that the size of the stamp fits with most projects, in this case, small juletags and big juletags.


This is a bigger gift tag, more commonly used here in Norway. By adding personalized elements to the background and surrounding area, you can really make a custom, perfect-for-the-person juletag!

For someone that knits, I chose to stick with the standard jul colors and make the juletag monochromatic. As you can imagine, there are just too many combinations possible with different characters, colors and personalized elements!

Step-by-step coloring instructions

First, let me say that I am not a colorist. I am not Copic certified. Most of what I do I learned from YouTube videos. I truly have no good reason to say this is how you should do this. I’m not actually saying this is how you should do this, I’m saying, this is how *I* do this. 🙂 If you aren’t a colorist either, then maybe this will give you some ideas on how to color your own projects!

Typically I use three colors, a dark, a medium, and a light. On this fox I used 4, a dark, 2 medium and a light. I put the dark where I guess there would be natural shadow, use the medium on almost everything else and leave a little space for the light to show a highlight. If you don’t have the same colors I am using, it’s not a problem! Just use what colors you have that are dark, medium, and light. 🙂

Let’s start coloring! (I’m going to leave the pictures as big as possible so you can see the details.)


My dark color for the fox is E09. I’ve put this where I thought there was a shadow, or where I wanted to show some dimension.


My next color, YR09, I colored and blended with the dark color. You can still see a color difference but most of the sharp lines are gone.


My next medium color, YR07, I colored all the rest of the fox except where I wanted to show some highlight.


And finally, my lightest color, Y38, I used on all the remaining white areas. I colored over the medium color slightly so I could blend them together and not have very sharp lines where the 2 colors meet.

And that’s it, the fox is done! I’ve made some mistakes, you can see where color is outside the line, but don’t worry about that until you’re finished. There is more coloring to do and you don’t yet know what it will look like at the end. That’s the hardest lesson I’ve had with coloring – patience. Just finish coloring and then see what you have. You can always be creative with mistakes after and trust me, nobody will notice!

So let’s color the rest!


I think every character looks cuter with a pink nose 🙂 I used a darker pink, RV13, to color in the bottom of the nose and most of the ears.


I colored my light pink, R30, (only 2 colors for such a small area) in the white areas and colored over the dark pink just a little to blend them.


The bunny is small so while you can add lots of detail with time and patience (2 things I often do not have), I chose to just use 2 colors for shadow and main color. Here I colored in the shadowed areas using E55.


I came in with my main color, E53, and colored over everything except the teeth. 🙂


Next is the scarf. Even though the stripes are super tiny, I decided I wanted to use 3 colors to have a good contrast between light and dark. With things this small, I more aim to just get some color where I want it and not go out of the lines. I used BG07 for the shadow.


Then I used my medium color, BG05, and tried to stay in the lines! I do not spend a lot of time blending such small areas, I really just try to put the color down neatly. 🙂


Next I used my lightest color, BG01, to color in the rest to show a nice highlight. Again, I don’t spend a lot of time, I don’t really blend them together, I just try to be neat. 🙂 I really like how light the light is compared to the dark.


You could leave it like that and call it done but I like to show a little shadow on white areas so it more matches with how the colored areas are done. Here I’ve chosen C3 to be the darker of the shadow and colored it the same way I did the BG07 on the white areas of the scarf. I also added a little on the inside of the tail, closest to the body.


For my final color, I used C1 to blend out the C3 a little so there wouldn’t be sharp lines. I also added a little in the white of his face next to the scarf. Not enough to take away from the image, just enough to add a tiny bit of shadow.

And that’s it! You can go back and add more color if you want more shadow or blend out the lighter areas if you want more highlights. The only limit is your imagination. 🙂

Here is the card I created with the fox.


As you can see it’s not the exact same fox, but I used all the same colors in the same ways. On this fox, I decide to switch the shadowed side of the left scarf piece and I went in after and added more E09 to the fox’s body so the shadow would be more apparent.

Coloring is playing! Happy coloring!




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