Card Styles

With my last card for the week, I tried to create a card in a style I am not comfortable with. I’m known more for a Clean and Simple (CAS) style card, or I’ve even heard say, an American style card. It makes sense, that’s where I’m from originally and where I was when I startled learning to make cards.

I don’t know the exact term that is used for what I call the Norwegian style – lots of layers of paper, some extra bits of cloth or something, a picture and flowers – LOTS of flowers. I personally think it’s a mix of vintage and mixed media  but I could very well be wrong.

Regardless, I am fascinated by this commonly used style. I look at every card and try to figure out why everything is where it is. I can’t make this style card to save my life. I’ve tried, and I’m sure I’ll try again, but it does not come as easy to me as the other styles do.

But I wanted to give myself a challenge, using patterned paper and a minimum of 3 layers. I don’t think I got as close to the norwegian style as I tried. First, I don’t actually own any dried flowers. And second, I couldn’t bring myself to rip any paper! I guess I like it when things match up nice and even too much.

So, just know that I really tried while I present you with my card:


I know, it doesn’t even come close but when you’re missing some key pieces, it will just not be the same!

I hoped the flowers on the patterned paper could represent the dried flowers commonly used on cards. And I thought this cute little cat holding a flower brought everything together nicely.


I even added some little pearls around 2 corners of each panel! I see pearls are used a lot on other cards so I tried to use them on this one too.

One thing that is similar between the 2 styles is using ink around the edges to tie in the pieces and soften the sharp transition of one color to another.


When it all comes down to it, the cat is the focal point and is just too cute not to enjoy this card!

I hope you enjoyed your time with me this week. Whether we make the same style cards or not, we do enjoy being creative with paper and making things that come from the heart. That transcends any style, language, or country.

Until next time!

Stay crafty,
DT Dawn


1 stamp + 1 piece of paper = 4 cards

Good morning!

Today I am posting the last card in my 4 card series using the same stamp and the same colored cardstock to make 4 different cards. I know I sometimes have trouble with thinking of how to use a stamp in different ways so I hope this inspires you to try it!

The first card I posted was in honor of Mother’s Day. I choose soft blues to color the flowers and used white and soft blues as accent colors on the card.


I embossed with flowers with Hero Arts Platinum embossing powder to give it a more elegant look. I let the stitching details and Nuvo drops add the rest of the accents to the card.

For the next card, I used ink that was the same color as the cardstock to stamp the flowers. As you can see, you know they are flowers because of the coloring instead of a heavy black outline. I’m not against outlines at all, I just wanted to show a different way to change how the flowers looked. I used Copic markers to color in the flowers.



Up close you can see that I added the darkest colors in the center and used lighter colors going towards the tips of the flowers. I went in with a white gel pen afterwards and added all of the highlights. I think the contrast between them is beautiful!

For the 3rd card, I decided to cut the flowers out and then cut a white border for them. I had embossed them with Hero Arts White Satin Pearl embossing powder so it wasn’t very difficult to cut them out. Since I had planned to pop them up with foam tape, I thought the white border would highlight them better. I used soft yellow and peach colored pencils to color the petals and a dark orange for the center.


For the background, I used a paisley stencil to first add a peach color to white card stock and I went in afterwards with a transparent gloss texture paste to give it some shine and dimension. I also popped up the sentiment banner on foam tape so it matched the flowers.


Just look at the different types of shine on this card! You’ll be able to see it yourself at Hobbykunst-Norge very soon.

For my last card, I embossed the flowers and the sentiment in Hero Arts Silver embossing powder. I really do think Hero Arts makes the best embossing powder on the market. Or maybe I just have the best luck with it! Regardless, it is my favorite and I am collecting all the colors. (haha)

I colored in the flowers with pink colored pencils and used a nice magenta color for the center. I used a bright yellow colored pencil in the center but if I were to do this again, I might have chosen the white gel pen instead. You live and learn in crafting, just like everything else. 🙂


Just look at that shine! I think silver gives a card a certain elegance that can’t be duplicated with any other color.


Here’s a closeup of my very simple coloring of the flowers.

For the background, I stamped the same stamp in the closest ink I had that matched the color of the flowers. I repeated stamping until the whole page was filled. I then took that same ink and inked up the edges of another piece of white cardstock so I could make a border that transitioned from the background to the flowers.

4 cards, and I have no leftover paper to worry about! I’m not the best at remembering I have leftover pieces so anything that prevents leftovers is a win in my book. 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed these cards and I also hope it has given you some ideas on how to get more out of your own stamps!

If you have any questions on the products or techniques used, feel free to write to me.

Happy crafting!
DT Dawn

Lag ditt eget gavepapir

Du kommer langt om du har gråpapir, stempler og utstyr til å embosse.

På lik linje som man kan bruke stempler til å lage bakgrunner kan man lage gavepapir.

Jeg brukte antistatisk pulver på hele biten med gråpapir. Stemplet blomster helt vilkårlig rundt på papiret med versamark, embosset med hvitt.

Opprinnelig ville jeg stemple masse fine ord fra huldra også, men blomstene bare spredde seg før jeg rakk å tenke.

Jeg håper du er inspirert til å lage ditt eget gavepapir.

Blomstene finner du på platen brushtekst clear platen og du får den hos Hobbykunst.

Klem fra Linda


Jeg har lekt med blomster clear platen og venner 1 platen denne gangen. Ønsket var å la blomstene være en del av en oval med tekst, men jeg ønsket ikke å klippe de ut helt. Derfor har jeg laget en liten bildeserie på hvordan jeg har løste dette.

Startet med å stemple opp motivet på papir egnet for copics.

Klippet ut deler av stempelet for å kunne tilpasse den ovale diesen jeg ønsket å bruke til ønsket plassering. Det krever litt justeringer med saksen underveis. Men med litt tålmodighet så går det fint.

Blomstene er fargelagt med copics og hvit gel pen.

Til slutt stemplet jeg en tekst fra venner 1 platen og monterte motivet på et kort.

Jeg syns dette gir en morsom effekt og gir stemplene flere bruksområder.

Ønsker alle en kreativ onsdag.

Klem fra Linda


Alltid morro å prøve seg på noe nytt. Har masse ruller med washitape liggende i en skuff. Tenkte det var på tide å lage et kort hvor jeg kun har brukt dette.

Stemplet jeg har brukt på kortet i dag er gratulerer med dagen stempelet som er hentet fra Sommerfugl-platen. Dekoren på kortet er som sagt Washitape. Både sommerfugl-platen og washitapen er å få kjøpt på Hobbykunst.

Et enkelt kort som en ikke trenger så masse utstyr for å lage.

Håper du får en fin lørdag!

Klem fra Janne

Sender deg en vinterklem

I dag sender jeg deg en Vinterklem.

På dette kortet har jeg laget bakgrunnen selv ved av Alcohol ink i forskjellige farger.

Videre har jeg brukt stempler fra Vinterdyr-platen. Har satt sammen to tekstempler fra denne platen og satt sammen til en setning. I tillegg har jeg også brukt den flotte isbjørnen og snøkrystaller i forskjellige størrelser.

Slik ble kortet når det ble ferdig. Valgte å holde det enkelt uten mye stæsj på.

Klem fra Janne

Jeg trenger ikke terapi. Bare å komme meg ut på ski.

Da er det min tur til å komme med et bidrag igjen. I dag blir det ikke kort, men en liten gavepose jeg har dekorert og fylt på med litt tursnop. Greit å ha litt på lur når en skal finne på med ei god venninne for eksempel.

Jeg har brukt ski og tekstempel fra Turplaten og Ut på tur platen som du får kjøpt på Hobbykunst. Teksten synes jeg passet så godt her.

Stemplene stempler jeg med Archival INK som er et vannsikkert stempel og ikke smitter utover når jeg fargelegger med Distress ink refil.

Klem fra Janne